A safe may need to be opened without the combination if there is a lock malfunction, a fire, a lost combination or a burglary attempt. Safe technicians, locksmiths and burglars alike may need to know how to open a safe without the combination. Attempting to pry a safe open is one of the crudest methods, and it is one of the least effective. Jan 17, 2018  If you lost your SentrySafe’s key or code, there are a few ways to pick the lock. If your safe has a digital lock with a number keypad, you can pick it in seconds with little effort. Purchase a strong rare earth magnet online and use it to trigger the solenoid, which.

How To Crack Open Sentry Safe Boxes

Email or fax Sentry to ask for the combination to your switch safe if you have lost the numbers. You'll want to supply Sentry with some key information, like your title, deal with and cell phone quantity. You will furthermore require to produce the design number and the serial amount for the safe, situated on the lower correct hand corner of the front side doorway.

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How To Open Sentry Safe Without Key

Sentry then supplies you with the combination to the dial safe. This stage only functions if you are the authentic customer of the safé and you previously authorized the safe with Sentry.

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