I have got the exact same problem. I haven't damaged the disc yet, but I sense like I'm heading to every period I consider the video game out of the case.One thing to me that I think Playstation really has an edge on Xbox will be the sport instances. I certainly appreciate the PS3 video game instances and sense like the Xbox ones are inexpensive. I have a difficult time getting video games out. I feel like I'michael going to break them.With the PS3 video game cases, you just press the middle and it effortlessly released. The plastic material also seems sturdier.I really wish the A1 cases aren't the exact same as the 360 cases.

  1. How To Fix A Cracked Xbox 360 Disc In The Middle World
  2. How To Fix A Xbox 360 Disc

How To Fix A Cracked Xbox 360 Disc In The Middle World

How to fix a cracked xbox 360 disc in the middle east

quote user='Kiesey78'I would recommend getting in touch with Xbox support by mobile phone they can teach you on how to get the disc changed through the disc replacing system./quoteDepends on the sport though, as I recognize it Microsoft will just change, at cost, their personal published video games.In terms of cracked disks, I pull with Steelbook cases. My Gears of War 2 disc and one of myMass Impact 2 dvds offers a small split in the center as well.

The only game I possess with an éco-case isThe Folk Scrolls Sixth is v: Skyrim, and no issues thus significantly. Juxtapose13.

How to repair & open the Xbox 360 Slim disk drive tray when stuck - YouTube - Duration: 21:46. Global Garage 324,467 views.

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How To Fix A Xbox 360 Disc

  • The easiest way to verify this is to open up your Xbox 360 and take a look inside your DVD drive. Spinning a disc up is kinda cool with all the DVD drive’s guts exposed. Just don’t look at the laser. Before you sit down to disassemble your Xbox 360, you need to gather a few tools.
  • Step 1, Take the disk out of the Xbox.Step 2, Try turning off the Xbox. Then remove the disk. After, simply open and close the tray repeatedly with two-second breaks. Do this about 20 to 30 times. If it works again, there's no need to use another approach.Step 3, Choose one of the methods below to try to fix your Xbox game if this simple fix failed to work.
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