Egg Production Napkin by Mikame - Trick This stage magic lays the golden egg. Mikame Craft's silly but fun for all ages magic trick - Egg Production Napkin. Watch as the hen on an empty napkin produces eggs after eggs of enjoyment. Egg Production Napkin is a masterpiece of classical magic. Perfomance is easy for all ages. Jan 18, 2014  When a man has been put an evil eye curse or hex on, the molecular structure of the water in the egg white gets damaged, which is reflected in the way it looks. Strong curses or hexes can cause a change of the color or smell of the egg white, etc. Egg magic – Egg rolling Take a raw egg and crack it into a jar filled with cold water.

  1. The MagicViews Unlimited is a software which will help you to increase the number of views on your YouTube video(s). How does it work? - It 'cheats' YouTube system and hit the video (which you specify) with mobile views, so every view will count.
  2. Learn and watch how to do a killer magic trick with a hankercheif and an egg with Eric Paul, Master Magician.

Magic Views Bot Cracked Eggs

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