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Finally somebody else with the problem. I made a thread about this ón the Iphone 5 start.I believe this to be an activation insect that just affects iphone 4S on ios6.Right here is definitely my story:Bóught iphone 5 on start day time. Took my 4S which has been up to date with ios6, and did a manufacturing plant reset on the device through configurations.

This video will help you to Fix sim not supported problems of iPhones with 100% working. How to unlock any networks iPhone SIM Not Supported Fix for iPhone 7/7Plus/6s/6s Plus/6/5se/5s/5c/5/4s/4. Unlocked iphone 4s reads sim not valid. Unlocking stuff.i would appreciate it if someone helped me out.i bought a iphone 4s from this guy which he said it was unlocked.when i went to pick up the phone i checked the iphone out and he had tmobile service on it.i had bought a att micro sim card and a tmobile sim card which both of them was. Conclusion on iPhone SIM Not Supported. SIM Not Supported can be fixed regardless of whether your iPhone is locked or not. The only difference is that in the first case it is surely free but in the second case no (unless you do so through a mobile network).

I hand down my iphonés to my fiance when i get the new one.I had taken the sim óut of her iphoné 4, place in in the 4S. Went through the set up process. When it obtained to the 'activation' display screen, i obtained an error information that i needed to place a sim credit card that refers to the service provider, or check out my company for a new sim.This produced no feeling, since my fiances sim was of training course an átt sim, ánd this was an att 4S.I attempted turning off/on the cell phone a million periods.

Tried my old, deactivated sim. I plugged it into itunés to re display io6.

Itunes provided me the same information and didn'testosterone levels allow me perform ANYTHING whatsoever. Not even recover.I had to perform a dfu réstore to re display. That do absolutely nothing at all to repair the issue. I did this 3 even more times.Finally i proceeded to go to the att shop and obtained her a brand name brand-new sim. This also didn't help. WTF!At this stage, i'michael fairly pissed off, considering.what the HELL kind of sim credit card will this damn phone need if not án att sim?? l acquired a t mobile tiny sim i utilized in her old 4 which had been factory unlocked.

That didnt function either.I called att technology assistance. The man told me that i got to possess a 4G tiny sim to initialize. This produced no feeling to me whatsoever. But i actually kind of went aIong with it sincé the my tiny sim we acquired in the 4S while i was making use of it appeared a little different than the brand name fresh one i actually just obtained my fiance.On the other hand, i can'testosterone levels discover ANYTHING on the web about this problem.The next morning hours, i went to an att shop, explained what occurred, and has been informed that there can be no like matter as a 4G micro sim.

He said they're all the exact same. But, released me a brand-new one anyway. We tried triggering it presently there at the store. He took his sim óut of his 4S, and tried to initialize quarry. NOTHING.Lastly, a few hours afterwards, i went to the apple store. Explained the deal.

And the genius was totally dumbfounded. He tried numerous 'check' sims, do a dfu re also display, NOOOOOOTHING.So he swapped my 4S. The a single he introduced out still had ios5 on it. It activated immediately.Best before i was about to depart, i inquired him if he could display ios6 ón it for mé so that i didn't have got to. He stated sure.He flashed it and after that turned around and said, 'you're not heading to think this'. It didn't would like to stimulate again.I guess since it had been new, it experienced to move through the set up/activation process.He called more techs over, and they were all mystified.i informed them it's obtained to end up being a bug in ios6. They all decided.I obtained ANOTHER replacement.

Sim Not Valid Iphone 4s Unlocked Amazon

This one also had ios5 on it. Turned on no issue.And thats where i remaining it.I'm sure if i were to proceed into configurations and perform the over the atmosphere up-date like we did when i has been using the mobile phone, ios6 would be fine. But she doesn't care about that ányways, I'm purchasing her the galaxy note 2 when it comes out lol.Moral of the tale, there is definitely definitely sométhing up with the 4S + ios 6 + setting up as a brand-new telephone and causing.i didn'capital t have got any issue with her old 4 that i reset a zillion moments on ios6 trying to copy the problem.

Sim Not Valid Iphone 4s Unlocked

Also with an inactivate sim.Main discomfort in the bum problem. This occurred to me too, I had been triggering the phone, it's an ATT mobile phone at Tmobile with the restricted dataplan. They told me that bécause of thát 'sim not vaIid.' Note that it intended the phone had been a locked cell phone. I'michael brand-new to this and compensated somebody on Craiglist $50 to unlock it, but I'm considering that it wasn't locked after aIl.But after thé unlock-guy did his 'thing', it worked, so maybe whatever he do got it restarted somehow?Just my experience, since it's specifically relevent (ATT telephone, just obtained it, activating and got that message) in situation it helps anyone else- if I had observed this twine before I dont believe I'g have compensated him to do the unlocking point. This is a very real issue and all of the support people (ATT, Apple company) are usually clueless abóut it but théy have got seen it.I've had it happen twice now with ATT, iPhoné 4S, and some flavor of iOS 6. Today I has been prepping my 4S to market it and I got that mistake.

Iphone 6 Sim Not Valid

Proceeded to go to the Apple store, tried the dummy sims/etc. Put my sim in a substitution cell phone and it worked well great proving that the sim is usually not the problem.If you run into this I believe the just way aside from unlocking it will be to function the Apple company store into a new one. Shouldn'capital t price anything.

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