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  1. Free Metro Pcs Unlock Codes

If your phone displays the information ‘ This device can become remotely unlocked if eligible.

Free Metro Pcs Unlock Codes

The point is to keep you from buying a phone and taking it to another carrier, 90 days is when metro pcs starts making money on a phone after all the instant rebates, if you left the 1st or 2nd month they would lose money, at least your not having to wait longer, and it's the only carrier I know with a built in app to unlock it vs trying to call and do a million things to even try and get the process done. “SIM Network Unlock PIN” or “ Network locked “. Your device’s IMEI will need to be registered as Unlocked/Eligible, in Metro PCS’s database and afterward, you are required to open the Metro PCS Device Unlock App and select the Permanent Unlock option. Please note that in this case, the Metro PCS SIM card needs to be inserted into the phone before performing the unlocking process.

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